Empire Stuff:

This new version of Empire Classic is a complete refactoring into Java, attempting to retain the classic user experience as completely as possible, while providing a modern development environment.

The server now runs as a multi-threaded process and uses an SQL database backend.

The clients are decoupled, and communicate with the server over an internet socket in a simple text protocol.

Although it is not required, the two clients presented here are also written in Java.

Things That Are Notably Different


The Java Empire Client (JEC) is designed to provide a modern graphical interface to the classic game. 

Download installer

(Test games currently running are at "empire.floogle.net" ports 8283 and usually 8285)

Note that this requires Java 7 to run (download JRE 7 from Oracle).

This is not yet a complete implementation and there are still a number of bugs, primarily in input handling.  Mixing up commas and decimal points, extra spaces, and incorrect defaults may all be problematic.

JEC Release Notes:

Remote Empire JavaDoc This is the documentation for the general interface to the server. This library is used by both the telnet client (JTEC) and the GUI client (JEC), and is available to use to build other clients.

Empire ERD An Entity-Relationship Diagram for the Empire DB.

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